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Samugore 05.07.2020
The problem there is not about downsizing or not: in the Buddhist tradition, the very notion of a professional teacher is debatable, to say the least. All those teachers selling retreats and advertising their professions are not in line with the ethical principles of the Buddhadhamma. Other teachers, in fact, operate on the basis of dāna, i.e. the spontaneous generosity of the disciple.
Tabar 07.07.2020
They were going off as I read the post. and imaginary red flashing lights
Zushicage 10.07.2020
In a scale from 1 to 10 how much your playmate is loving pegging?
Tunos 10.07.2020
Exactly. She has a guilty conscience because she is hiding something from her spouse. If she doesn't feel that there is anything wrong because it's sex only then just tell your spouse. He may have a problem and leave you, but at least you won't be lying to him anymore. On the other hand he may love the idea and support her in it.
Mokree 13.07.2020
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