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Yojin 10.03.2021
Does she sense anything else?
Kidal 14.03.2021
Hard to get out of the habit, it was so rare to see a car then with an automatic that I drove 40 plus years before I had one and still not use to it
Yoktilar 14.03.2021
Add me I'm in Milwaukee
Yozshugor 14.03.2021
Tend to agree here, especially the last episode I saw (maybe last one? where this planet phased into our reality every week, but 700 years passed for it while it was 'out of phase with our universe. One of the crew healed a stone age girl (before they figured out this phasing thing and that crew member became god for the planet. Had some line, like that's what we do, we create a god to explain things. Moderately offensive a/o dismissive towards theists in general.